Review your business.  FREE

  • We know marketing is not a "one size fits all" proposition.

  • To personalize your plan we need to know your business.

  • Who are your customers? What are they searching for?  What searches convert to sales?  Who are your competitors?  Where are they advertising? What is your competitive advantage?

Build a Plan.  FREE

  • Our plan is based on your goals, and your budget.

  • Armed with a keen understanding of your business, we develop a customized media/PPC plan based on a strategy tailor-made for your specific business.

  • This will be arrived at by our researching your products/Category across all search and shopping sites to determine level of competition and pinpoint opportunities.

Implementation/Tracking.  A Flat Fee (depending on your needs)

  • We will select the right tools to collect data for decision making on your business.  

  • The tools will be set up to collect  properly, scale and prioritize the data to be analyzed.  

  • Campaigns, adgroups, ads, keyword lists, ad extensions, and auto targets will be developed.  

  • We will install Google Analytics with ecommerce tracking and develop appropriate metrics, goals and reports to accurately measure performance.

          You need Good data to make Good decisions!


  • A collaboration is what leads to success.  

  • Do you need someone you can trust and rely on to handle everything google or amazon might throw at you?  

  • Based on continuous review and monitoring of results we're able to push what's working and pull back on what's not.  

  • Our priority is to maintain a steady path of growth.  

  • If you have the time and inclination to manage your PPC we can get you up and running or fine tune your
    current campaigns.

You know your business... We know PPC

Small Business E-commerce PPC Specialist